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Pasture Rock

Move up to the natural beauty at the very top of Milan

Pasture Rock where a small number of generous homesites are being gently coaxed from the rocky fields of a hilly pasture left abandoned over a century ago.

Pasture Rock where a small number of individual designed homes will be hand built on each side, resting where cows gently grazed years ago.

Enjoy the mountains views from your one-of-a-kind contemporary farmhouse, in a truly pastoral setting.

Lot. 3
Acers: 9.86
Price: SOLD


Lot. 4
Acers: 7.65
Price: SOLD


Lot. 5
Acers: 6.86
Price: $115,000.00


Lot. 6
Acers: 6.15
Price: $110,000.00


Lot. 9
Acers: 23.92
Price: $365,000.00


Lot. 10
Acers: 18.55
Price: $250,000.00


Lot. 11
Acers: 20.81
Price: $275,000.00


Lot. 12
Acers: 5.13
Price: $90,000.00


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