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David Borenstein, R.A.


About the Principal:  David Borenstein, R.A.


An architect who is also well known for his painting, sculpture and photography, David brings an artist’s vision to every design project he touches. And touch, he does. All of his buildings bear the hallmarks of his distinctive point of view, whether it is hand painted counter tops, fixtures sculpted from reclaimed items, or cabinetry cut in unexpected forms.

Long before people starting calling it "green", we called it our design philosophy: to design and build in a way that was mindful to the environment, yet made bold visual statements.

To never compromise the natural beauty of a site and to preserve the landscape, no matter how difficult the building process may be.

To design residential and commercial space so energy efficient, the benefit would be felt in both the wallet and in the conscience.

To design in a way that is as sustainable as possible, and to keep learning and creating new ways of achieving sustainability.

To use traditional forms in a contemporary manner, combining stunning design with practical living.

And to bring this respect and appreciation to our renovation and restoration work. We have a healthy respect for yesterday’s architecture and love the challenge of bringing it up to our high energy standards.

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